Roxette - The Rox Box / Roxette 86-06

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Roxette - The Rox Box
The Rox Box / Roxette 86-06, adalah album musik penyanyi pop duo dari Swedia, Roxette. Album dibuat untuk memperingati 20 tahun eksistensi mereka. Lagu - lagu di dalamnya berisi single pertama dari album pertama "Pearls of Passion", "Neverending Love", hingga ke single terbarunya, "One Wish" dan "Reveal".
Download Roxette:
  1. Perfect Day.mp3
  2. Wish I Could Fly.mp3
  3. Almost Unreal.mp3
  4. I Dont Want To Get Hurt.mp3
  5. Anyone.mp3
  6. Physical Fascination.mp3
  7. Small Talk.mp3
  8. Church Of Your Heart.mp3
  9. Do You Wanna Go The Whole Day.mp3
  10. Things Will Never Be The Same.mp3
  11. My World My Love My Life.mp3
  12. Do You Get Excited.mp3
  13. I Remember You.mp3
  14. It Must Have Been Love.mp3
  15. The First Girl On The Moon.mp3
  16. Fireworks.mp3
  17. Hotblooded.mp3
  18. Knockin On Every Door.mp3
  19. Milk And Toast And Honey.mp3
  20. Vulnerable.mp3

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